Film Development Services

Daniel processes modern Black and White Kodak, Fuji, and Ilford films by hand with professional Ilford Photo chemistry. The TIFF and JPG files scanned from your film are returned to you via Google Drive. All negatives are cut and packaged in Print File archival sleeves and are made available for local pickup. There is no additional charge for Push or pull processing. 

Black and White Film [ 35mm | 120 | 220 ]

Develop Only  $10 ea

Develop + Scan $15 ea

(24 megapixel JPG/16 bit TIFF files)

Film Development Turnaround

Standard 8-10 Business Days

Rush 3-5 Business days +$5 each roll

 Next Day Digital Delivery(negotiable)

Prices do NOT include shipping fees.

Archival Services 

Standard turnaround is 2-4 Weeks depending on size of order.

Minimum Order $10

[ 35mm | 35mm Slides]

High Resolution Scans $0.40 ea frame

Limit of Liability Statement / Terms of Service

Submitting any tangible or electronic media, image, data, file, card, disc, device, film, print, slide or negative for any purpose, such as processing, printing, duplication, alteration, enlargement, storage, transmission, or other handling, constitutes an agreement that if such film, print, slide, negative, or digital media is damaged, lost or mishandled by myself or affiliated company, agents or employees; even though by our negligence or other fault of any of the foregoing, or if unauthorized access is gained or misuse of an image is made by any third party, our liability will be limited, at our option, to replacement with an equivalent quantity/size of unexposed photographic film, electronic media, or refund of service fees. Except for such replacement or refund, the acceptance for processing, printing, or handling of any film, slides, negatives or digital media is without other warranty or liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damage is excluded. The TIFF or JPG files created from your film are returned to you via Google Drive, USB, or data disc and are held for backup approximately 60 days before Daniel deletes the data from his system. Shipping arrangements must be made directly with Daniel ahead of time. You as the customer are responsible for all shipping and handling fees. Payment is due before services are rendered unless otherwise negotiated.

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